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Green hat / 绿帽子

Green hat / 绿帽子

Actors:The the Xizi / Liao Where / Haibin /

Category:Story Director:Unknown

Year:2004 Updated:2012-05-02 22:16:45 

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Story about: Green hat / 绿帽子
    Story movie < Green hat / 绿帽子 >
    Stars:The the Xizi / Liao Where / Haibin /
    Storyline:Director Liu 's debut of the struggle , using the classic three-stage narrative structure , is about a middle-aged man and a young man in the face of the couple of his infidelity when faced embarrassing scene and different life outcome. Before the young people until you are ready went to the ocean to meet with his girlfriend , with his accomplices robbed a bank check , apart from his ecstatic to his girlfriend called overseas telephone calls , who knows his girlfriend has been another Some of the messages . Read all burn it , he hijacked the public telephone the Office of the female boss , and confrontation with the police , Interpol captain decisively replaced by female boss as a hostage . At this time, the young man was accidentally asked Interpol captain of a problem . Who knows, this is precisely the point in the soft underbelly of the vice captain . His wife because the husband of impotence , has given him to wear a green hat " ...
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