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Xinjiang girl / 新疆姑娘

Xinjiang girl / 新疆姑娘

Actors:Pa Riza Te / Tong fan / tamala / Li Jingna /

Category:Chinese Director:Unknown

Year:2002 Updated:2013-04-04 11:45:51 

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Story about: Xinjiang girl / 新疆姑娘
    Chinese TV < Xinjiang girl / 新疆姑娘 >
    Stars:Pa Riza Te / Tong fan / tamala / Li Jingna /

    "Xinjiang girl" reflects is between Uygur youth in modern romantic life and the traditional concept of a certain cultural conflicts, mainly about the mentality of a university in Beijing, Professor Abudula four daughters in the ideas, feelings, life and career, and a clutch of striking one snag after another, into the rich and colorful of modern urban life, reflect living in Beijing Uygur youth in double temper spirit and life through traditional and modern life, and they are from different regions of the social, economic, and cultural contrast and collision, in the premise of respect for the tradition of national culture, which shows the cultural view, national view and open mind, realistic significance strong.

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