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Kiss kiss kiss season 3 / 亲吻-亲吻-亲吻第三季

Kiss kiss kiss season 3 / 亲吻-亲吻-亲吻第三季

Actors:Atsushi Hashimoto /

Category:Japan Korean Director:Unknown

Year:2015 Updated:2015-10-03 14:10:47 

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Story about: Kiss kiss kiss season 3 / 亲吻-亲吻-亲吻第三季
    Japan and Korean TV < Kiss kiss kiss season 3 / 亲吻-亲吻-亲吻第三季 >
    Stars:Atsushi Hashimoto /

    Idle afternoon. A good friend. A person will be out of order on the desktop to bottle up. Saw a man who fell asleep on the couch. Came to his side cautiously without any noise. Is this guy tempting me. Onokazu's lips bright glowing light. Slowly put up. Ah, I want to kiss a look. But then, don't you have it. Like the mood. Fear of breaking a rare friendship, has been hidden in the present. Or forget it. Kamiya turned to want to continue to clean up, the result is a very hard to seize the wrist pulled to the rear. Not to fall into the field of Onokazu's arms. Onokazu's breath is in his ear. Close to their chest body exudes enough to burn heat builders. Seems to be afraid will run around Kamiya, Kamiya hands tightly close the body, let people move. "Can't sleep at all. As long as you are by my side." As a general confession words to the valley ear come unexpectedly. The small Yesong let go, find the eyes in the valley. Straight gaze, Kamiya nervous know only the blink of an eye. Slowly close to the moment, lips, sweet greasy feeling arise spontaneously. Just a light touch, but it has been difficult to forget. The separate occasion, two people very well looked at each other, can not help but chuckle out loud. So you are the same as me, so be careful to love each other
    Kiss kiss kiss third season

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