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Silly spring  / 傻春

Silly spring / 傻春

Actors:Tao / Liping / Bi Yanjun the / Konglin the /

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Story about: Silly spring / 傻春
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    Stars:Tao / Liping / Bi Yanjun the / Konglin the /

    "silly, the spring called Zhaosu Chun is the eldest daughter of Zhao. The parents suspected she was not learning the material, the fourth grade will be allowed to drop out of school, from full-time housework at home, and ministered to the parents to take care of younger siblings. People at home who, on call, dirty work, a large living live, a sweep without any complaints. The beginning of her father, Zhao can be said is Life-seventh, and wait for them to put every word of his father's mind at any time, melt in the blood. The mother Xu Minrong with the eldest grand old customs, like an umbrella, children gathered at her's, however the people of this umbrella, but it is "silly spring of riches and fame, not asking for anything . Even parents were mistaken, by the big wronged and innocent, silly spring would rather by the physical pain, can not let the brother and sister wronged by the slightest. The Cultural Revolution, his father was overthrown, and the children suddenly become a " pup ", the role of the silly spring umbrella is particularly important.


    sudden turn of events, life constraints, and the early war years and his comrades how big and strong forged the kindness of his father Zhao, Xu Minrong-year-old Chu gave him to the dependents. Parents ignore the small Chu silly spring a hugs sisterhood, resulting in the tragic silly spring to save the girl ran away from home, begging begging. Father into the farm's "bullpen". Silly spring in order to take care of the father, had to be painstakingly belongings in the high head of the farm a nanny. Silly spring on the farm's an utter devotion to his father, taking good care deeply moved by his father , Zhao early shock and repentance of the hearts began to spare no effort counseling laid the foundation of the silly spring heart of traditional cultural enrichment.

    the beginning of the

    Zhao Uncap, but liver cancer has come to late. His father dying before a sincere silly spring home to teach the other daughter, he believed that the eldest daughter silly spring with a lifetime of effort to care for each brother and sister. The efforts of the silly spring places a replacement for his father into the factory, she would not think of themselves, but the big sister Su Mian and his brother Su feel to much noise unpleasant. Mother secretly tampered with, and draw lots for hormone perception into the factory. Prime sleep with the help of the silly spring back to the city taking shape, Zhao's life began to turn for the better.

    prime Corps come back to Inner Mongolia, by the comrades of discrimination. the sixth letter of life have lost their confidence. Silly spring despite the family's blocking resolutely went to Inner Mongolia, disguised in exchange for prime not flee Corps. But she put all the money to the element does not climb a train in the snow, almost froze to death in the halfway . Silly spring sister possession of an entire winter, the extreme emptiness of the sister brought her to take the initiative to the hormone does not send the correct road to return to the Corps. On this day, due to the negligence of the four daughter Su Xiao small Chu was hit by a car, the pelvis and chipped, open fracture of the lower leg, and eventually heart disease because there is no money Rehabilitation, Chu legs became Sister silly spring.

    The spring breeze blowing

    reform and opening up her first run from the self-employed restaurant, tenements where to buy a color TV, Zhao first had a private car, Chu admitted to the country's best rehabilitation treatment center. Silly spring move not only shocked the tenements, including government agencies, including the era of trial and error also greatly admire. A rich, not rich, silly spring usually on aid to needy families, even the poorest. She led her family, the hospital began to walk the road of fortune , secret run from a joint-stock factory.

    a lot of bad social customs came factors at because they can not go to college, Poguanposhuai. Silly spring and soon finds himself, among the dedicate myself home chores. Tenements to the demolition of Zhao total of six houses related to the vital interests of the family each person. Stupid spring in order to maintain the home of the "harmony", the exhaustion of the body means to quell the contradiction, again with her silly way to conquer all the family members. But something unexpected happened, and feel Zhao Su, brother of drunk driving car accident, became a vegetative state. Mother to Xu Minrong Unfortunately, the only son can not afford such a blow immediately a brain haemorrhage died. Wife, Liu Qian, Zhao Su sleep finally took his son to leave. Only silly spring, as always, not just due to the character, the key to her sympathetic care of brothers and sisters of the heart always. The hardest hit but the silly spring, devoted his life energy, harmonious home began to split. Silly spring to attend to other, younger brother can recover consciousness, the work pays off, the miracle took place, his brother awake.

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    silly spring to save the people began to save the brother after the sisters can be together again, she was sprinkled with a big lie, do not lie lie no one do not believe all thought can come up with silly spring dad reservoir antiques. This house really come together. Brothers and sisters do not blame the older sister's lying, because the silly spring Sister for their dedication, not substance, but the effort. They gathered at the tomb of the parents.

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